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2230 Edsel Lane, Ste. 1
Corydon, IN 47112

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Our Specialty is Your Difficult Condition

What is Pain Management?
Pain medicine specialists work with patients to relieve suffering and discomfort. An anesthesiologist is a physician who has had special training in pain management. A pain medicine specialist can be an anesthesiologist, neurologist, or psychiatrist. 

What Makes Corydon Pain Special?
Corydon Pain Management offers a caring team of physicians and staff that truly understand your condition and are well equipped to provide you with the highest level of care.

Patients often come to us with very high levels of discomfort, feeling discouraged and even hopeless. Within the first few treatments most patients experience a positive result and leave our office with a refreshed sense of hope. We treat each patient individually and understand that every condition is unique. Your personalized treatment plan will address your specific needs.

Board Certified for Anesthesiology:
Anesthesiology is the practice of blocking pain, discomfort or distress during surgery or other medical procedures. An anesthesiologist is specially trained to plan, monitor and administer pain relief before and during an operation and to monitor recovery after the procedure has been completed. 

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